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Signing Up

How Do I ... ?
  • Create A New Survey?
  • Distrubute the survey I created?

If I sign up, what will you do with my information?
The only thing your information is used for is to see where our users come from. Your first name is used in a "hello ..." format in your administration panel. Your zip and country is only used to see where our users come from. We DO NOT give out email addresses. We use your email address to notify you of the status of your surveys. This option is strictly enabled/disabled by you during survey creation.

There are alot of other websites offering free surveys. What makes you better?
There are quite a few Survey creation sites out there. Unfortunately they tend to offer paid-only accounts. If they do offer free accounts, survey creation is usually limited to a certin number of questions or responses, along with many missing features. SimpleSample was created specifically to allow individual users create surveys who may not have any plans to pay $300+ per year for an account. If you think about it, this applies to a great majority of those who may have needed to create an electrnic survey in the past. Students, community organization, non-profit organizations, and other groups of this nature rarely have the means to pay these survey companies.

In addition, SimpleSample's survey creation tool is far easier to use then others. SimpleSample is easy and free.

Why do you ask for a donation from commerical organizations?
SimpleSample is pretty much funded by the donations of its owner. If a large company were to create a "Employee/Customer Satisfaction Survey", a significant number of responses (10,000 +) may be generated, thus using much bandwidth and processing power. Although SimpleSample was designed to be low-bandwidth in general, we want our non profit users to benefit from SimpleSample first and foremost. We welcome all businesses to create surveys, as long as they donate (see the about page) a fair amount. $25 would be appropriate.

Why do you only take donations through paypal?
We only take donations in paypal because it is both easy for us and easy for the user. Paypal accepts Credit and Check Cards, electronic checks, and paypal account transfers.

Are there any perks to donating?
Not yet. We have considered a number of options, but so far donating is only philanthropic.

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